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Published by the Association of Ukrainians in Poland with the financial support of the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research at the CIUS and the Kowalyk family, this Polish-language monograph is a thorough study of a series of deportations of Ukrainians from their native territories in today’s eastern Poland (such as the Lemko region) to the southern regions of Soviet Ukraine (mainly, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa, and Donetsk  oblasts) in 1944–1946. Organized by the Soviet and Polish Communist authorities, these deportations were designed to significantly reduce the density of the autochthonous Ukrainian population on Polish-ruled territories and, thus, to eliminate its support for the Ukrainian underground liberation movement, in particular the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The book also describes a brutal Soviet campaign of the “Sovietization” of the deportees on their new territories as well as the attempts of the deported Ukrainians to preserve their identity and customs.

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