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What are the visible symbols through which Ukrainians in Canada express their identity? The twenty-three essays in this volume address various aspects of the codes, archetypes, and symbols that recur in Ukrainian-Canadian material culture, art, music, dance, and mores. Chapters include:

Endurance, Disappearance and Adaptation: Ukrainian Material Culture in Canada

Museums and Ukrainian Canadian Material Culture

Collecting Material Culture: Alberta’s Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Ethnicity in the Works of Ukrainian Canadian Artists

The Relevance of Ethnicity to the Artist’s Work: Personal Perspectives

Artists and Art Critics on the Relevance of Ethnicity to Art

The Evolution of Ukrainian Dance in Canada

Dance Interpretation and Performance

Symbols and Ukrainian Canadian Identity: Their Meaning and Significance

Ukrainian Cultural and Political Symbols in Canada: An Anthropological Selection

Cultural Exchanges with Soviet Ukraine

Cultural Vision and the Fulfillment of Visible Symbols

Political Dimension of Ukrainian Canadian Culture

and many more.

Contributors to this book, edited by Manoly Lupul, include Peter Shostak, Natalka Husar, Jaroslav Rozumnyj, Robert Klymasz, Jars Balan, Bohdan Krawchenko, Irka Balan, Lusia Pavlychenko, Alexandra Pritz, Isydor Hlynka, Wsevolod W. Isajiw, Lydia Palij, and many others. See Ukrainians and Alberta in the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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