Ukrainian Economic History: Interpretive Essays


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This volume contains the papers presented at the Third Quinquennial Conference on Ukrainian Economics, held at the Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

Table of Contents

vii Preface

ix Chronology of Historical Events in Ukraine prior to World War I

I.S. Koropeckyj 1 Periodization of Ukrainian Economic History

Daniel H. Kaiser 33 The Economy of Kievan Rus’: Evidence from the Pravds Rus’kaiamy

Peter B. Golden 58 Aspects of the Nomadic Factor in the Economic Development of Kievan Rus’

Thomas S. Noonan 102 The Flourishing of Kiev’s International and Domestic Trade, ca. 1100-ca. 1240

Stephen Velychenko 151 Cossack Ukraine and Baltic Trade 1600-1648: Some Observations on an Unresolved Issue

Carol B. Stevens 172 Trade and Muscovite Economic Policy toward Ukraine

Bohdan Krawchenko 186 Petrine Mercantalist Economic Policies toward Ukraine

Robert E. Jones 210 Ukrainian Grain and the Russian Market in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries

Ralph S. Clem 233 Population Change in Ukraine in the Nineteenth Century

Leonid Melnyk 246 Industrial Development and the Expansion of Free Labour in Ukraine during the First Half of the Nineteenth Century Martin C. Spechler 261 Development of the Ukrainian Economy, 1854-1917: The Imperial View

Boris P. Balan 277 Urbanization and the Ukrainian Economy in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Patricia Herlihy 310 South Ukraine as an Economic Region in the Nineteenth Century

Richard L. Rudolph 339 The East European Peasant Household and the Beginnings of Industry: East Galicia

The essays are divided chronologically into three parts, covering the periods of Kyivan-Rus’, the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the nineteenth century. They are not intended to give a comprehensive survey of Ukrainian economic history but primarily to deal with important economic issues of particular periods. The problem of the orientation of the Kyivan Principality with regard to the nomadic East and Byzantine South is discussed in the first part.

The second part analyzes economic ties with the West and Muscovy during the Cossack period and afterwards.The contributions in the third part deal with the important problems of economic development during Ukraine’s rebirth as a modern nation in the nineteenth century. Issues discussed include: population change, industrialization, relations with the Russian imperial metropolis, urbanization, and the development of the southern and western regions (within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy). The introductory essay offers a proposal for a periodization scheme of Ukrainian economic history.

Includes a six-page chronology of Historical Events in Ukraine prior to World War I.

See Industry, Forest, Dolyna oil field, and Dnieper Hydroelectric Station in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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