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A chronological examination of government reports, theses, novels, magazine articles, and writings by educators and churchmen prior to 1970.

Ukrainian Canadians: A Survey of their Portrayal in English-language Works by Frances Swyripa highlights the changing place of Ukrainians in Canadian society. The author examines works ranging from early articles and reports by Anglo-Celtics who were concerned that this peasant community be assimilated quickly into the mainstream of British-Canadian life to the theses by students of Ukrainian-Canadian history that reflect the maturity of this community, whose members have taken their place among the professional and business classes and have become a highly visible and vocal minority in Canada’s “third element”.

The author takes a chronological look at all kinds of works: government reports, theses, novels, magazine articles, and works by educationalists and churchmen, to show changes in areas of concentration, dominant themes, and emphases and interpretation. Since the war, research into Ukrainian-Canadian development has been conducted from historical, sociological, demographic, and philological perspectives, and these are all examined. The book concludes with a bibliography of consulted sources, supplemented by biographical sketches of those authors on whom information is available, and a note on existing Ukrainian-Canadian bibliographies. See Ukrainians and Alberta in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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