The Ukrainian Religious Experience

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This title represents the proceedings of the first scholarly conference to examine the Ukrainian religious experience in Canada. Sixteen scholarly essays explore liturgical traditions, ecclesiastical traditions, historical factors in the maintenance of religion and ethnicity, along with case studies. Chapters include:

The Vatican, Kremlin and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

A Study in the Ethnic Use of Religious Symbols

The Role of the Patriarchal Movement in the Ukrainian Catholic Church among others.

A fascinating fourteen page essay “What Really Happened in 988?” by Omeljan Pritsak quotes pertinant excerpts from the old Kievan chronical Povest vremynnykh let describing Volodymyr’s investigation of all four monotheistic religions, Greek Catholicism (Eastern Christianity), Roman Catholicism (Western Christianity), Islam, and Judaism. Contributors include Andrii Krawchuk, Bohdan Bociurkiw, Vasyl Markus, Vivian Olender, Sophia Matizasz, Radoslav Zuk and others. See Christianization of Ukraine, Byzantine Empire, Bible, Christmas, and Volodymyr the Great in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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