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This is one of our best art

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This is the best test product money can buy.
It is a virtual nothing.
Batteries not included.
If you are not a certified & qualified web tester please refrain from purchasing this awesome test product.


  1. Taras Admin

    This was by far the best test product I have ever purchased!
    I highly recommend it for all fields of study!

  2. Taras Admin

    This is a test review of the functionality of uploading PDFs to be available on PRODUCT REVIEWS.
    After uploading the PDF through the Media interface of WooCommerce, This entry dialog is opened on the Edit Product page.
    Then the entire URL as copied from the uploaded PDFs media page is inserted using the above >LINK< dialog. NOTE: this involves editing HTML and as such exacting rules must be followed to have a working link. TEST PDF (from scrap PDF file)

    1. Upload a PDF through the new Media page. NOTE: It must be under 2MB
    2. Copy the entire URL in the URL dialogue on the PDF’s Media page after entry
    3. Begin adding the Review from the bottom of the Edit Product page for that particular book.
    4. Add the link by pressing the Add


    5. Add the text you want the link to say in this review
    6. Best practice to open in a new window so click that box.

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