Soviet Regional Economics: Selected Works of Vsevolod Holubnychy


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The premature death of Vsevolod Holubnychy in 1977 deprived Western scholarship of one of its leading economists. An incisive and prolific writer, Holubnychy had a wide range of interest that is reflected in this collection of essays: Ukrainian politics; Soviet regional economics, especially the position of Ukraine within the Soviet economic system; Marxist thought and its dissemination beyond Soviet borders; Soviet economic thought; and more specialized topics in economics. In addition to his scholarly contributions, Holubnychy examined current political events in the journal Vpered (Forward), a Ukrainian workers’ newspaper in Munich, using a variety of pseudonyms and on occasion writing anonymously.

Of the nine essays included in this volume, three are published here for the first time: “The Agrarian Revolution in Ukraine”; “Marxography and Marxology”; and “V.V. Novozhilov’s Theory of Value.” The rest are among Holubnychy’s finest works and are reprinted by permission. Throughout his life, the author remained a controversial figure in the Ukrainian emigration. As he was forthright and outspoken, his works engendered much discussion. This collection is a fine tribute to a talented and perceptive scholar whose analytical powers had few equals during his lifetime and have been sorely missed since his death.

This book also includes a bibliography of published works by Vsevolod Holubnychy (compiled by Osyp Danko). See Industry, Dolyna oil field, and Dnieper Hydroelectric Station in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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