RR No. 32 Volodymyr Vynnychenko: Annotated Bibliography



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This research report is the definitive bibliography of Volodymyr Vynnychenko’s works and publications. Fully indexed and annotated, the report is bound quality library binding. Vynnychenko was not only a writer, but a statesman and politician. His first story ‘Krasa i syla’ (Beauty and Strength), 1902), created a sensation and brought him almost immediate recognition. In his lifetime, he wrote some 20 plays and 11 novels, and throughout his life Vynnychenko kept a detailed diary. They provide some insight into his artistic, personal and political life. Of historical interest is Vynnychenko’s three-volume memoir of the struggle for Ukraine’s independence, Vidrodzhennia natsii (Rebirth of a Nation, 1920). In political life, Vynnychenko was leader of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Workers’ party and was chosen as one of two vice-presidents of the Central Rada and then the first president of the General Secretariat, the autonomous government of Ukraine.

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