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Eminent historian Omelian Pritsak called Rethinking Ukrainian History “the seminal collection of essays and discussions edited by Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky” that should not be missed by anyone interested in the history of Ukraine. The nine essays presented in this volume re-examine major aspects of Ukrainian history including Kyivan Rus’, the Ukrainian nobility and elites, Cossack Ukraine and the Turco-Islamic world, the growth and development of Ukrainian cities, the evolution of Ukrainian literary language, the role of the city in Ukrainian history and the urbanization of Ukrainian cities since the Second World War.

Essay titles include:

  • Kievan-Rus’ and Sixteenth-Seventeenth-Century Ukraine
  • The Problem of Nobilities in the Ukrainian Past: The Polish Period, 1569-1648
  • Problems in Studying the Post-Khmelnytsky Ukrainian Elite (1650s to 1830s)
  • Cossack Ukraine and the Turco-Islamic World
  • Ukrainian Cities in the Nineteenth Century
  • Ukrainian Cities during the Revolution and the Interwar Era
  • Urbanization in Ukraine since the Second World War
  • The Role of the City in Ukrainian History Evolution of the Ukrainian Literary Language

Contributors include Omeljan Pritsak, Frank Sysyn, Zenon Kohut, Orest Subtelny, Patricia Herlihy, George Shevelov, Roman Szporluk and others. This volume also includes a thirty-five-page round-table discussion.

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