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Morality and Reality: The Life and Times of Andrei Sheptyts’kyi


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Andrei Sheptyts’kyi (1865–1944), metropolitan-archbishop of the Greek Catholic Church in Galicia, was a towering figure in twentieth-century Ukrainian life. This collection of twenty-one essays examines Metropolitan Sheptyts’kyi as church hierarch, theologian, ecumenist, national leader, and philanthropist.

The essays include:

  • Wolfdieter Bihl: Sheptyts’kyi and the Austrian Government
  • John-Paul Himka: Sheptyts’kyi and the Ukrainian National Movement before 1914
  • Bohdan Budorowycz: Sheptyts’kyi and the Ukrainian National Movement after 1914
  • Ryszard Torzecki: Sheptyts’kyi and Polish Society
  • Bohdan R. Bociurkiw: Sheptyts’kyi and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church under Soviet Occupation
  • Hansjakob Stehle: Sheptyts’kyi and the German Regime
  • Shimon Redlich: Sheptyts’kyi and the Jews
  • Petro B. T. Bilaniuk: Sheptyts’kyi’s Theological Thought
  • Lubomyr Husar: Sheptyts’kyi and Ecumenism
  • Victor J. Pospishil: Sheptyts’kyi and Liturgical Reform
  • Brian R. Keleher: Sheptyts’kyi and Three Converts from the West
  • Andrii Krawchuk: Sheptyts’kyi and the Ethics of Christian Social Action
  • Ann Slusarczuk Sirka: Sheptyts’kyi in Education and Philanthropy
  • Myroslava M. Mudrak: Sheptyts’kyi as Patron of the Arts
  • Ivan Muzyczka: Sheptyts’kyi in the Russian Empire
  • Bohdan Kazymyra: Sheptyts’kyi and Ukrainians in Canada
  • Bohdan P. Procko: Sheptyts’kyi and Ukrainians in the United States
  • Athanasius B. Pekar: Sheptyts’kyi and the Carpatho-Ruthenians in the United States
  • Andrzej Zieba: Sheptyts’kyi in Polish Public Opinion
  • Roman Waschuk: The Symbol of Sheptyts’kyi in Soviet Ideology
  • Michael Hrynchyshyn: Western Historiography and Future Research

Acclaimed as a classic reference work, this substantial volume also includes a six-page chronology of Sheptyts’kyi’s life, three genealogical charts, two maps, and more than 50 photographs.

The introduction, “The Chuch between East and West: The Context of Sheptyts’kyi’s Thought,” was written by leading church historian Jaroslav Pelikan.

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