Loyalties in Conflict


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This collection of eight essays provides a detailed examination of the wartime experience of Canada’s Ukrainian community. Chapters include: The Internment of Ukrainians in Canada The Enemy Aliens and the Canadian General Election of 1917 The Ukrainian Image: Loyal Citizen or Disloyal Alien Ukrainian Canadians and the Wartime Economy Ethnic and Class Tensions in Canada, 1918-20: Anglo-Canadians and the Alien Worker Aliens in Britain and the Empire During the First World War Ukrainian Canadian Response to the Paris Peace Conference, 1919 Ukrainian Diplomatic Representation in Canada, 1920-3 Contributors include Peter Melnycky, John Herd Thompson, Frances Swyripa, Nadia O.M. Kazymyra, Oleh W. Gerus, Donald Avery, David Saunders, and Andrij Makuch. See Ukrainians and Alberta in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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