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The book Letters from Kiev is an eyewitness account of the political and cultural changes in the tumultuous months of 1990–91 that led to Ukraine’s declaration of independence. Expertly translated by Myrna Kostash, the text is fully annotated for the Western reader by Dr. Bohdan Krawchenko, to whom Solomea Pavlychko originally wrote her letters. Also included are a number of memorable pictures of the crisis by Ukrainian photographers.

Note: This book was edited and printed before the government of independent Ukraine officially adopted ‘Kyiv’ as the English-language spelling of Ukraine’s capital. Until that time ‘Kiev’ was the accepted English-language spelling in scholarly publications, including those of the CIUS Press. Unfortunately, that spelling is still used by many publishers, newspapers, and magazines. CIUS Press, however, has used ‘Kyiv,’ ‘Odesa,’ and Ukrainian transliterations of Ukraine’s place-names in its publications since 1993.

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