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JUS Vol 29 Nos 1-2 (Summer-Winter 2004)


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Also published as a hardcover book, Synopsis: A Collection of Essays in Honour of Zenon E. Kohut, this special issue of the Journal features essays by twenty-one historians of Ukraine from five countries who pay tribute to their friend and colleague, Dr. Zenon E. Kohut. The volume begins with an appraisal of Kohut’s career, work, and impact on historical studies by the Kharkiv historian Volodymyr Kravchenko as well as a selected bibliography of Kohut’s works. The contributions range from the medieval to the Soviet period. Historiography, the early modern period, and Ukrainian-Russian relations are well-represented in the volume.

When a Festschrift for Dr. Zenon E. Kohut, director of the Canadian Institute of the Ukrainian Studies, was being planned, Synopsis came quickly to mind as a title. Not only is Zenon Kohut currently working on the famous seventeenth-century work and its context, but the Synopsis stands at the onset of modern Ukrainian-Russian relations that have been the major theme of his scholarly oeuvre. From his groundbreaking work Russian Centralism and Ukrainian Autonomy through his numerous essays on forms of identity in early modern Ukraine and Russia to his analysis on historiography, he has chosen large topics and brought to them order and clarity.

This selection of essays on Ukrainian history by leading specialists from Ukraine and the West will be published in Autumn 2005 as a special issue of the Journal of Ukrainian Studies as well as a separate book publication.

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