Ivan Mazepa and the Russian Empire


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One of the famous European statesmen of the late 17th and early 18th century, Hetman Ivan Mazepa ruled the Ukrainian Hetman state from 1687 to 1709. Mazepa was a firm supporter of a pan-Ukrainian Cossack polity, and his main goal as hetman was to unite all Ukrainian territories in a unitary state that would be modeled on existing European states but would retain the features of the traditional Cossack order. Initially an ally of Tsar Peter I, Mazepa forged an anti-Muscovite alliance with Charles XII of Sweden, but the combined Swedish-Cossack army was defeated by the Muscovite army at the Battle of Poltava in 1709. Although there have been controversial assessments of Mazepa, he has remained a symbol of Ukrainian independence.

Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva’s Ivan Mazepa and the Russian Empire is the first English-language biography of Ivan Mazepa in sixty years. A translation and revision of her 2007 Russian-language monograph, this book presents an updated perspective on the life of Mazepa, based on many new sources, including Mazepa’s archive, thought lost for centuries until it was rediscovered by Tairova in 2004. This engaging study also reveals an original picture of the Ukrainian Cossack Hetman state during a historical moment of critical importance for Ukraine and for the Russian Empire.

Ivan Mazepa and the Russian Empire has been published as volume 11 of the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research Monograph Series at the CIUS. This book was co-published by McGill-Queen’s University Press and the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press.

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  1. Marko R. Stech

    Barbara Skinner of Indiana State University wrote a review of Ivan Mazepa and the Russian Empire and published it in the journal Slavic Review, Volume 81, Issue 2, Summer 2022, pp. 532-34.

  2. Marko R. Stech

    A review of this book by Georg B. Michels of the University of California, Riverside, was published in the Canadian Slavonic Papers, vol. 64, no. 4, 2022, pp. 512-14.

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