Documenting the Famine of 1932–33 in Ukraine

Archival Collections on the Holodomor Outside the Former Soviet Union


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This collection of articles breaks new ground in Holodomor scholarship, presenting archival sources that in many cases are little known or completely unexplored. The articles are organized in four sections: new explorations of archival collections; responses of Western governments to events in Ukraine in 1932-33; the international response to the Famine; and perspectives for future exploration. Researchers share their knowledge of the archives of foreign affairs ministries in countries that maintained diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union in the 1930s, including Japan and the United States. Other researchers report on the archives of immigrant and diaspora communities that emigrated from Soviet Ukraine to Western Europe and North America. The Ukrainian, Jewish, and Mennonite communities in particular maintained contact with individuals in Soviet Ukraine, and surviving materials cast new light on the events of 1932–33. A number of articles describe newspaper coverage in France, Canada, and the United States, and several explore overlooked collections of oral interviews. The volume builds upon and augments research already accomplished and indicates promising future avenues of investigation.

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