Church, Nation and State in Russia and Ukraine


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This unique collection of nineteen essays is the product of a conference held in July 1988 at the University of London, UK. By addressing a diverse number of religious issues in both historical and contemporary contexts, the authors seek to “correct an imbalance” that has crept into the scholarship of religion in Ukraine and Russia. These essays consider the role of the church in various social, political and state settings and include the formation of modern Ukrainian religious culture. This book sheds light on the background of the religious revival in post-Soviet Ukraine and Russia. Essay titles include: The Formation of Modern Ukrainian Religious Culture The Spirituality of the Vyg Fathers The Authority of Holiness: Women Ascetics and Spiritual Elders The Greek Catholic Church in Nineteenth-century Galicia Printing the Bible in the Reign of Alexander I Christianity, the Service Ethic and Decembrist Thought The Role of the Orthodox Missionary in the Altai Theological Liberalism and Church Reform in Imperial Russia Alexander Kireev and Theological Controversy in the Russian Orthodox Church Leo Tolstoy, a Church Critic Influenced by Orthodox Thought The Church’s Role in St. Petersburg, 1800-1914 The Church Schools and Seminaries in the Russian Revolution The Political Philosophy of the Russian Orthodox Episcopate in the Soviet Period and many others.

Contributors include Bohdan R. Bociurkiw, Simon Dixon, Peter J.S. Duncan, Pal Kolsto, Dimitry Pospielovsky, John-Paul Himka, John Basil, Frank E. Sysyn, Brenda Meehan-Waters, and others. See Volodymyr the Great (Valdamar, Volodimer, Vladimir), Christianization of Ukraine, Saints Borys and Hlib, Bishop, Bible, and Apostle in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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