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Maria-Anna Holod’s memoirs tell of the times from the death of her father, Rev. Mykola Prokopovych, when she was ten years old, to her full maturity as a married woman and mother in Canada (Edmonton and Toronto).  Interwar and World War II Galicia with its Polish, Soviet and Nazi occupations was a place of rapid political change, and social displacement and instability. Maria Holod describes life of the parish house in a village against the background of other priestly, related families.  Lviv is made visible through the eyes of a young girl – half orphaned, who must make her way independently but within a network of relatives, and friends from the gymnasium of the Basilian Sisters in Lviv, and from her studies.  She tells of her meeting Roman Holod and of their love during the war: personal experiences and details of daily life happening during the war.  Then, after a short time in Poland and southwestern Germany, the family, now with two daughters, Renata and Charita, moves to Canada.

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