Історичні есе: два томи (First edition)



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Eminent historian and one of the cofounders of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky (1919–84) was the author of over 200 concise, highly erudite historical essays. In these essays, within a space of a dozen or so (occasionally, a few dozen) pages, he managed to precisely describe and clearly elucidate very complex and multifaceted historical processes and phenomena. His particularly significant contribution was to the study of the history of modern Ukrainian sociopolitical thought. Lysiak Rudnytsky’s sophisticated, classic liberal assessments of Ukrainian history and political thought have greatly influenced his émigré Ukrainian and Polish colleagues, his students in the USA and Canada, and the study of Ukrainian history in independent Ukraine. This first 2-volume edition of Lysiak Rudnytsky’s selected essays was published, with the support of the CIUS, by the Osnovy Publishers in Kyiv.

The new (second) 2-volume edition of Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky’s Історичні есе was published in 2019.

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