Україна Модерна, No. 28, 2020

«Непотрібні люди»: Злочин, суд, (не)пам’ять


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Supported by the Peter Jacyk Program for the Study of Modern Ukrainian History and Society at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, the scholarly journal Ukraina Moderna is one of the leading historical journals in Ukraine.

Its special issue no. 28 for 2020 is dedicated to the topic of the Nazi crimes against patients of psychiatric institutions, dormitories for sick children, and buildings for invalids during the Second World War in Ukraine. This issue contains a transcription of a discussion forum entitled “The Useless People”: War Crimes, Judgement, (non)Memory. It also features nine essays dedicated to these issues as well as a section of relevant documents and a section with translations of three essays by prominent German intellectuals. The issue also includes one review essay and three book reviews.

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