Палаци Івана Мазепи та Кирила Розумовського

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This is the fourth richly illustrated booklet presenting the work of Canadian and Ukrainian archaeologists and historians researching Baturyn, the capital of the Cossack state. CIUS is the main sponsor of this project. The publication surveys the history of Baturyn during its golden age under Hetman Ivan Mazepa, the destruction of the town by Russian troops in 1708, and its subsequent rebuilding by Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovsky. The sack of Baturyn is described on the basis of eighteenth-century French sources and Cossack chronicles. The authors discuss the results of the 2013–14 Canada-Ukraine excavations at the fortress and the hetmans’ estates. They describe the remnants of the palatial residences of Mazepa and Rozumovsky and present computer reconstructions of their architecture and decoration. Archaeological findings testify to the dynamic development of international trade, crafts, agriculture, and art in Baturyn up to 1708.

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