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Co-published by the Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Modern Ukrainian History and Society at the CIUS and the Institute of Historical Research at Lviv University, the Ukrainian-language memoirs of Adolf Slyz, who worked as a judge in Western Ukraine in the interwar period, span the period from 1889 to the 1950s when he settled in the United States. These memoirs reflect the path of the pre-World War II Galician Ukrainian intelligentsia, a stratum in which the legal profession played an eminent role. Members of this Galician intelligentsia effectively developed Ukrainian cultural and civic life in Western Ukraine in the difficult years after the destruction of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic and the imposition of Polish rule. During World War II, the Ukrainian intelligentsia found itself trapped between the totalitarian regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, as well as by the strivings of Polish groups to re-impose Polish domination. Many of its members, like the Slyz family, joined the great exodus to the west at the end of the war and would later play prominent roles in Ukrainian diaspora life. (With an introduction by Oleh Pavlyshyn.)

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