Моя Шевченківська енциклопедія



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Published in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko, this book is a unique portrayal of Shevchenko and his oeuvre written from an individual perspective of one of Ukraine’s leading literary scholars Leonid Ushkalov. This large-format 600-page publication contains over 300 essays dealing with Shevchenko’s poems, paintings, ideas, and various aspects of his daily life. Thanks to Ushkalov’s erudition and his extensive and intimate knowledge of Shevchenko’s works and biography, his “Shevchenko encyclopedia” sheds light on many unknown and understudied aspects of Shevchenko’s life and works. Presented in a lively and very readable form, the essays in this book discuss a wide range of topics: from simple everyday details (such as the kind of coffee Shevchenko liked) to fundamental issues of his world view (such as the basic principles of his approach to metaphysics).

Моя Шевченківська енциклопедія was co-published by the CIUS Press and the Maidan Press of Kharkiv, Ukraine, and the publishers distributed 400 copies of the book for free to libraries and educational institutions in Ukraine.

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