Лекції з історії української літератури [1798–1870]

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This collection of forty-five essays was circulated by Zerov’s students at Kyiv University in 1928–29. Zerov’s lectures shaped the views of a generation of scholars and students, and Lektsii z Istorii Ukrains’koi Literatury makes a valuable contribution to any student’s library of Ukrainian literary criticism. Zerov’s approach may be described as historic-cultural but embracing the methods of formalist and sociological analysis. In practice, Zerov first describes and analyzes a work by tracing the cultural, literary, social and ideological development of the author, as well as investigating the characteristic techniques and style of the work and its integral connection with the theme. Finally, Zerov places the work in perspective through a comprehensive view of the work in its time and its place in the evolution of the genre. The result is a thoroughly scholarly and systematic treatment of literary history.

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