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Гетьманські резиденції Батурина

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Funded by the CIUS and the Ucrainica Research Institute of the League of Ukrainian Canadians, this 20-page booklet, featuring 52 colour illustrations, provides a survey of the history of the city of Baturyn, the capital of the Hetman Cossack state in 1669–1708, which attained particular importance and prosperity during the reign of Hetman Ivan Mazepa (1687–1709). The booklet describes the city’s destruction in 1708 by the Russian army during its campaign to suppress the Mazepa-led anti-Moscow rebellion and it documents Baturyn’s revival under Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovsky (1750–64), the last hetman of the Left-Bank Ukraine.

Based on recent historical, archaeological, and architectural research, the authors provide detailed descriptions of the hetman residence in the town’s citadel, Mazepa’s suburban manor house, the spectacular Rozumovsky palace, and other architectural monuments. It is richly illustrated with portraits, Baturyn aerial views, photos and drawings of its restored fortifications, churches, palaces, the treasury, the guest-house, heating stoves adorned with patterned ceramic tiles, Mazepa’s coat of arms, and significant archaeological finds. The booklet also provides information about Canadian and Ukrainian archeologists and researcher scholars working in Baturyn, as well as sponsors and benefactors of the Baturyn project. Thanks to the decade-long Canadian-Ukrainian archeological excavations of Baturyn, the Mazepa palatial court in Baturyn has become the best investigated and the most important hetman residence in Ukraine.

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