Від депортації до депортації. Том 1



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Based on Ukrainian, Polish, and Canadian archival materials, this book (the first of three volumes to be published) examines the fate of the Ukrainian inhabitants of the Kholm (Chełm) region and southern Podlachia between 1915 and 1947. It begins with the deportation of Ukrainians to Russia during the First World War, continues with the life of the Ukrainian population of these regions in the interwar Polish state, and ends with the expulsion of Ukrainians to the Ukrainian SSR according to the Polish-Soviet agreement of 9 September 1944 followed by the infamous “Operation Wisła,” the Polish government’s brutal deportation of Ukrainians to the Polish “newly liberated territories” in 1947.

This extensive (over 870-page) hardbound collection of essays, memoirs, and documents was published in Chernivtsi by the Chernivtsi National University and the Bukrek Publishers, with the financial support of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

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  1. Marko R. Stech

    A Ukrainian-language article about this book was published in one of Ukraine’s most popular daily newspapers, «День» (Kyiv), by Petro Kraliuk under the title «Сто років недолі». Here is the link: https://day.kyiv.ua/uk/article/cuspilstvo/sto-rokiv-nedoli

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