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The special issue Tentorium honorum (volumes 33-34, 2008-2009) is a collection of thirty-three essays written by North American and European colleagues and former students in honor of Frank E. Sysyn, the distinguished specialist in Ukrainian, Polish, and East European history and a major figure in the development of Ukrainian historical studies in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and Germany for more than three decades. The essays, which range from medieval to contemporary East European and Ukrainian history, reflect the breadth and impact of his scholarship. Tentorium honorum includes a biographical essay about Professor Sysyn and a select bibliography of his works. The title was adopted from a seventeenth-century panegyric to Adam Kysil, the Ukrainian leader and Polish statesman who was the subject of Professor Sysyn's groundbreaking monograph on early-modern Ukraine and Poland-Lithuania.

Also available as a book edition (without book reviews): Tentorium Honorum: Essays Presented to Frank E. Sysyn on His Sixtieth Birthday.

In This Issue

Author Page Title
Zenon E. Kohut, with Olga Andriewsky 1 Shaping Ukrainian Studies: A Portrait of Frank E. Sysyn
Compiled by Serhiy Bilenky and Roman Senkus 31 Frank E. Sysyn's Scholarly Works: A Select Bibliography
Olga Andriewsky 45 Reading the History of Ukraine-Rus': A Note on the Popular Reception of Ukrainian History in Late Imperial Russian and Revolutionary Ukraine
Jars Balan 61 California Dreaming: Agapius Honcharenko's Role in the Formation of the Pioneer Ukrainian-Canadian Intelligentsia
Paul Bushkovitch 93 Fatherland in Russian Culture (Fifteenth.Seventeenth Centuries)
Teresa Chynczewska-Hennel 105 Venetian Plans with Regard to Poland and Ukraine in the Mid-Seventeenth Century: Girolamo Cavazza and Alberto Vimina
Yaroslav Fedoruk 117 An Unrealized Project of Irish Colonization in Ukraine (1655)
David Frick 135 “Ruski człowiek”: Muscovites and Ruthenian Identity in Occupied Wilno, 1655-1661
Андрій Ґречило 161 Символи адміністративно-територіяльних утворень на західньо-українських землях у 1920–1930–х роках
Mark von Hagen 171 A Socialist Army Officer Confronts War and Nationalist Politics: Konstantin Oberuchev in Revolutionary Kyiv
Leonid Heretz 199 The Formation of Modern National Identity and Interethnic Relations in the Galician Ukrainian Highlands: Some Findings of a Local/Oral History Project
John-Paul Himka 219 The Last Judgment Icon of Mshanets
Yaroslav Hrytsak 227 How Sissi Became a Ruthenian Queen: On Some Peculiarities of the Peasant Worldview
Yaroslav Isaievych 239 City Anniversaries: Lviv, Kyiv, and Lviv Again
Andreas Kappeler 255 Hans Koch: The Turbulent Life of an Austrian Ukrainophile
Bohdan Klid 263 Songwriting and Singing: Ukrainian Revolutionary and Not So Revolutionary Activities in the 1860s
Zenon E. Kohut 279 From Japheth to Moscow: Narrating Biblical and Ethnic Origins of the Slavs in Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian Historiography (Sixteenth.Eighteenth Centuries)
Nancy Shields Kollmann 293 The Deceitful Gaze: Ukraine through the Eyes of Foreign Travelers
Володимир Кравченко 303 Ніколай Полєвой і “звичайна схема ‘руської’ історії” (перша третина ХІХ ст.)
Paul Robert Magocsi 317 Carpathian Rus': Interethnic Coexistence without Violence
David Marples 337 Beyond the Pale? Conceptions and Reflections in Contemporary Ukraine about the Division Galizien
o. Юрій Мицик 351 З листування Адама Киселя
Victor Ostapchuk 365 Political-Personal Intrigue on the Ottoman Frontier in Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky's Relations with the Porte: The Case of Ramażān Beg vs. Velī Beg
Uliana Pasicznyk 381 Putting Scholarship into Print: Editing with Frank E. Sysyn
Serhii Plokhy 387 Between Poland and Russia: Mykhailo Hrushevsky's Dilemma, 1905-1907
Andrzej Poppe and Danuta Poppe 401 The Autograph of Anna of Rus', Queen of France
Moshe Rosman 407 The Early Modern European “Jewish Woman”
David Saunders 417 The Russian Imperial Authorities and Yevhen Chykalenko’s Rozmovy pro selske khoziaistvo
Frances Swyripa 429 Ukrainian Edmonton: Ethnicity, Space, and Identity in a Canadian Cityscape
Roman Szporluk 441 Mapping Ukraine: From Identity Space to Decision Space
Татьяна Таирова-Яковлева 453 “Отечество” в представлениях украинской казацкой старшины конца XVII – начала XVIII веков
Oleksiy Tolochko 459 Why Did the Polovtsian Khan Boniak Howl like a Wolf?
Zbigniew Wójcik 463 In Defense of the Truth about the Indomitable Prior Augustyn Kordecki
Larry Wolff 471 The Encyclopedia of Galicia: Provincial Synthesis in the Age of Galician Autonomy
Natalia Yakovenko 487 A “Portrait” and “Self-Portrait” of the Borderlands: The Cultural and Geographic Image of “Ukraine” in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
Book Reviews 503
Books Received 601

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